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These pages were created because we want better understanding of the effects of Talvivaara mine company to local people’s every day life. We hope that everybody can now create a little bit larger image of the Talvivaara company and it’s habits to act.

Talvivaara is Europe’s biggest nickel mine, and it uses new process method called bioheapleaching. This method is also known before, but at first time it is used to separate nickel, zinc, copper and cobalt in northern weather conditions.

Now Talvivaara have noticed that ”normal” uranium has been dissolved to pregnant leach solution and that is problem because uranium must be separated. This cuts the income remarkably and they have to solve this problem somehow.

We want to point out that we are NOT against the mine or mining industry itself BUT we are against that Talvivaara don’t care of the emission limitations set by the authorities and how they patronize the people who live nearby the mine.

Even that we are trying to show only the facts, we don’t take any legal or other responsibility of the contents of these pages!

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I hope you find these pages interesting.

– Ari Kananen

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